You have found it - The ORIGINAL All Weather Paving Joint Compound

The original and still the best all year round jointing solution for natural stone & concrete paving.

EASYJoint Tubs
12.5kg tubs available in 5 colours
Mushroom, Buff Sand, Stone Grey, Basalt & Black
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Why Use it?
> All weather use
> Less wear & tear
> So fast and easy to use
> Saves time & money
> Environmentally friendly
> Technically advanced
> No waste
> Full customer support
> 5 excellent colours

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How to Use it?

Wet the paving; pour on, brush in; wash in; optionally, the joints can be ironed!
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Who uses it?
> Professional landscapers
> Professional paving
> Professional gardeners
> Property maintenace
> Builders & developers
> Local council contractors
> DIY & private users
Where to buy it?

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EASYJoint is the ORIGINAL “All weather” environmentally friendly (contains no cement or resins) paving joint compound which delivers brilliant results & big savings in labour costs for professional hard landscapers & paving contractors.

Developed specifically for use with both natural stone & concrete paving applications, EASYJoint is fast & easy to apply in wet or dry conditions & when brushed and washed in, leaves no voids – every nook & cranny is filled.

Proven over several years throughout Northern Europe in the harshest of weather conditions, EASYJoint creates a strong long-lasting joint with minimal effort.

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All weather use – join the "EASYJoint Revolution"!

EASYJoint can be used in virtually any weather including rain and freezing conditions. This aids project planning and cash flow for the contractor, ensuring work can be completed on schedule.

Extensively used and proven throughout Northern Europe for a number of years where extremes of weather conditions are experienced, EASYJoint brings a whole new dimension to paving jointing in the UK. It's so fast and simple to use and will cure to a rock hard, weed and frost resistant finish. Give your back and knees a break - with EASYJoint you don’t have to kneel and there’s less bending involved.

Rain or Shine - it goes in fine!

No more wasted days waiting for the great British weather to improve - EASYJoint is equally effective in the dry or in the wet. No need to protect your work from the rain or frost afterwards either. EASYJoint allows you to get the job done regardless of the weather – enabling you to finish on time and get paid!

Perfect for either the DIYer or professional installer, EASYJoint not only saves a great deal of time on tricky pointing jobs, it is also non-staining, long lasting and very strong especially once struck off and set.

Brilliant for use with virtually all types of paving

EASYJoint is perfect for use with virtually all types of paving. Even the traditionally labour intensive task of jointing setts, cobbles or crazy paving is a breeze! For more information on this, please refer to our General Information and Precautions section on the Instructions page.

Quick and easy to use

EASYJoint is 10 to 20 times faster in use than conventional mortar jointing. It is also faster to use than resin or other cementatious based compounds which can generally only be brushed in and won’t necessarily get into all the voids, thereby potentially compromising the integrity of the paving joints. In particular, ants nests can form in these voids and weeds can germinate and force their way to the surface.

EASYJoint is easy to use. We believe in great customer service and this is backed up by prompt email support and if appropriate, our customer helpline number, enabling users to pick up the phone and talk to us about the best way to use EASYJoint with their own specific applications.

Environmentally friendly and No Waste!

EASYJoint is made from virtually 100% natural components; The packaging is 100% recyclable.

Unused product can be saved for later use. This is particularly useful for the professional, moving from one job to the next.

Suitable for narrow and wide joints

EASYJoint is entirely suitable for applications where joint sizes are at least 3mm wide with no specified upper limit – joints should be at least 25mm deep. The compound will set very hard but will retain flexibility to allow for slight movement and natural expansion and contraction of the paving in varying weather conditions.


1 x 12.5Kg Tub of EASYJoint will cover approximately the following areas *

Paving Size (mm) Joint Size (mm) 30 x 5 Paving Size (mm) Joint Size (mm) 30 x 8
600 x 600 13.5 m2 600 x 600 8.5 m2
600 x 450 11.5 m2 600 x 450 7.0 m2
450 x 450 10.0 m2 450 x 450 6.0 m2
600 x 300 9.0 m2 600 x 300 5.5 m2
450 x 300 8.0 m2 450 x 300 5.0 m2
300 x 300 7.0 m2 300 x 300 4.0 m2
450 x 225 7.0 m2 450 x 225 4.0 m2
225 x 225 5.0 m2 225 x 225 3.0 m2

* Note: This is only a guide. Because accuracy of gap width and depth cannot be uniformly guaranteed, the above table is only a reasonable estimate of the amount of material required.

Available in 5 excellent colours

EASYJoint is available to buy in 5 colours as shown below. Colours may vary slightly due to colour differences on monitors and may not be a true reflection of the final product.

Golden yellow
Stone Grey
Stone Grey
Mid grey with speckles
Dark grey with speckles
Jet Black
Jet Black
Solid black


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