Key advantages of EASYJoint

There are a number of unique advantages of using EASYJoint, the key advantages are displayed below.

Can be used in wet and cold weather; Perfect for all-year round use

EasyJoint Features and Benefits

Say goodbye to work delays & disruption. No going back to finish a job.

Whatever the weather is doing or going to do, with EASYJoint there's no need to worry. The paving jointing can be completed without concern of whether it will rain within the next 24 hours. Rain has no detrimental effect on EASYJoint, allowing the job to be completed on schedule. The presence of water simply pauses the curing process; it starts up again once the rain stops.

At least 10 and up to 20 times faster in use than traditional mortar jointing

EasyJoint Features and Benefits

Wet the paving thoroughly; pour on the EASYJoint; brush it and wash it in. Let the water take the strain. Water and gravity ensure that the compound flows quickly into all the joints, making it a joy to work with in comparison to traditional methods – and so much quicker. The necessary care and attention that traditional jointing methods require to avoid staining or framing (see below), means that mortar jointing is a very much slower process.

Technically advanced producing strong, long-lasting joints with no voids

EasyJoint Features and Benefits

Speed of application is not the only benefit gained by washing the compound in – it means that every nook and cranny is filled quickly and easily, creating a very strong joint and an effective bond between the compound, paving and paving base material. This results in a durable joint without voids; reducing the risk of damage by freezing weather. It also minimises the chances of insect penetration and weeds are much less likely to gain a foothold too – both of which are very damaging.

It's kinder on humans too!

EasyJoint Features and Benefits

The method of application also benefits the user - there's no requirement to get onto hands and knees and spend hours forcing EASYJoint into the joints whilst at the same time, trying to avoid leaving stains and marks on the paving. This means that in use it’s much kinder on knees and backs than traditional mortar pointing – this is a hidden benefit, especially for professionals having to complete this back breaking task day in and day out.

No staining or "framing"

EasyJoint Features and Benefits

Traditional pointing materials such as mortar and even more recent innovations such as resin based compounds require great care in application if marking and "framing" (where the edges of the paving around the joints can be prone to absorbing the cement or resin) are to be avoided. EASYJoint, used according to our instructions, should leave no marks, stains or residue on the surface of any kind.

No waste - once a tub is opened, unused product can be saved for future use

EasyJoint Features and Benefits

Unlike other compounds where once the pack is open it has to be used immediately, leftover EASYJoint can be easily saved and used on another occasion. Simply pour the remaining EASYJoint compound back into the plastic tub, cover it with 50 mm of water and put the lid back on. It can be kept in this state for upto 12 months depending on environmental storage conditions.


1 x 12.5Kg Tub of EASYJoint will cover approximately the following areas *

Paving Size (mm) Joint Size (mm) 30 x 5 Paving Size (mm) Joint Size (mm) 30 x 8
600 x 600 13.5 m2 600 x 600 8.5 m2
600 x 450 11.5 m2 600 x 450 7.0 m2
450 x 450 10.0 m2 450 x 450 6.0 m2
600 x 300 9.0 m2 600 x 300 5.5 m2
450 x 300 8.0 m2 450 x 300 5.0 m2
300 x 300 7.0 m2 300 x 300 4.0 m2
450 x 225 7.0 m2 450 x 225 4.0 m2
225 x 225 5.0 m2 225 x 225 3.0 m2

* Note: This is only a guide. Because accuracy of gap width and depth cannot be uniformly guaranteed, the above table is only a reasonable estimate of the amount of material required.

EASYJoint Quartzite Setts

Indefinite shelf life – product will not go-off as long as the internal bag remains intact

The internal bag containing the EASYJoint is gas-impervious. EASYJoint cures in the presence of air so as long as the bag remains intact the contents will remain in a usable condition. This results in a product that has an extremely long, if not indefinite, shelf life.

Water permeable

EasyJoint Features and Benefits

EASYJoint is water permeable allowing the joints to drain freely. However, to create a fully permeable project you should ensure the base is also constructed to a permeable specification.

Up to 3 tonnes loading EASYJoint

Driveways and paving created using EASYJoint as the jointing compound are able to take vehicle load weights of up to 3 tonnes. Before using on a driveway, please refer to the specific instructions on using EASYJoint for driveways under Using EASYJoint.

Environmentally friendly – cement-free & resin-free – non-hazardous

EasyJoint Features and Benefits

EASYJoint is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Containing no cement and or resins, it principally consists of a clever mixture of natural silica sand and plant oils plus hardening agents.

Well proven throughout Northern Europe over several years

EasyJoint Features and Benefits

Forerunners of EASYJoint have been sold and used throughout Northern Europe for more than 15 years. Continual development over the years has enhanced the product and turned it into the excellent all-weather paving joint compound that it is today. Most recently, additional refinements have been made in 2013 and it is now produced in England.

The photo shows it in a commercial environment in mainland Europe, constructed in 2009, where mechanical road cleaners are used weighing more than 2 Tonnes.

Other EASYJoint Features

Other features include:

Ready mixed for ease and speed of application

It's virtually foolproof in use – simply wet the paving thoroughly, pour it on, sweep it and wash it in, whilst cleaning the excess compound off the surface as you go. Once done you can "strike" the joints with a pointing iron by simply running it quickly along the joints using minimal pressure. Compression of the joints has already happened via the washing in process, so there’s no need to apply much pressure at all.

Very clean in use, the compound can be easily and quickly washed off clothes and washed off tools using washing up liquid – unlike resin-based products which require a special cleaner to remove them.

A great range of colours to choose from

Matching EASYJoint to your paving is easy too - Mushroom, Buff Sand, Stone Grey, Basalt and Jet Black complete the current colour range, enabling you to easily match up any colour stone. Colours may vary slightly due to colour differences on monitors and may not be a true reflection of the final product.

Golden yellow
Stone Grey
Stone Grey
Mid grey with speckles
Dark grey with speckles
Jet Black
Jet Black
Solid black

Cold and freezing conditions

The integrity of EASYJoint is not compromised in cold and freezing conditions once installed. However, if it is required to install EASYJoint in freezing conditions, refer to the before you start guide.

Pressure washer resistant

Once the compound has been down for a minimum of 2 calendar months, the paving can be pressure washed using a fan type spray head. This needs to be held at an angle of 45 - 60 degrees with the head no closer than 6 inches (150mm) from the paving surface.

Suitable for narrow and wide joints

EASYJoint is entirely suitable for applications where joint sizes are at least 3mm wide with no specified upper limit – joints should be at least 25mm deep. The compound will set very hard but will retain flexibility to allow for slight movement and natural expansion and contraction of the paving in varying weather conditions.