How to Use EASYJoint

There is a detailed, printable version on how to use EASYJoint available from the Brochures page.

Step 1 - Investigation & understanding

Information & Precautions
Discover the steps to take to prevent mistakes in application.

Before you start
Before you commit to using EASYJoint, ensure it is suitable for your project.

Demonstration video
Watch our demonstration video to view the process of installing EASYJoint.

All the common questions and concerns are here.

Step 2 - Project Stage & Application Method

Project Stage
Depending on the construction stage of your project, the method of installation may vary.

Domestic Vehicular Driveways
The method of application for a driveway is different to that on a pedestrian area – read to ensure the appropriateness of EASYJoint for your project.

Wet Application Method
This is generally the recommended method of applying EASYJoint, but not always! Be sure it is right for your job.

Dry Application Method
There are a few occasions where this method of application is more appropriate. Check to see if it is correct for you.

Setting Times
Setting times can vary tremendously depending on the weather conditions.